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Headline News from Hells Angels MC Baltimore

Headline: Biker club plans party
Wednesday - 03/19/2008
Referrer: The Sun

YUCAIPA - Thousands of Hells Angels are expected to roll into town Friday for what the motorcycle club is hailing as "the biggest, baddest anniversary party in the world."
Up to 4,000 members of the worldwide motorcycle club, which established its first chapter in Fontana in 1948, are said to be thundering into town for a seven-hour bash at Angels Roadhouse Bar & Grill to celebrate the Hells Angels' 60th anniversary.

The bar, known to be run by Hells Angels, also hosted the club's 50th and 55th anniversary parties.

Up to 2,200 people can fit in the large red building - complete with a stage, pool tables and several big-screen TVs - and bartenders said they are prepared to turn people away at the door once Angels Roadhouse reaches capacity.

The Web site for Angels Roadhouse, which used to be called Crossroads Concert Bar & Grill, shows two pistols with barrels crossed and the slogan "Let's rock and roll."

Owner Rene Bicary could not be reached for comment, but a bartender said the party will be "rockin'." There will be a $20 cover charge to join the festivities, which are open to the public. The party will last from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Donald Jordan, an attorney who represented San Bernardino Hells Angels members in the 1970s, had a message to deliver from some of the bikers.

"The Hells Angels neither confirm nor deny anything about anything," Jordan said with a chuckle. Jordan said he will not attend the Friday night party at Angels Roadhouse but does plan to attend the private after-party at the San Bernardino clubhouse at Medical Center Drive and 19th Street.
Authorities said they are not expecting trouble Friday, but two county San Bernardino Movement Against Street Hoodlums teams and 40 extra sheriff's deputies will be patrolling the area.

"There is obviously past history of violence with certain motorcycle clubs. We as a department are preparing for that type of violence but with the hopes that doesn't occur," said a San Bernardino County sheriff's spokesman, Lt. Dave Phelps.

The Hells Angels made national headlines in 2002 after two members and a member of the rival Mongols were killed in a riot at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nev.

The last major local run-in with authorities was in 2003, when a search warrant was served at the San Bernardino clubhouse during a five-state investigation into suspected gun and drug activity at motorcycle clubs.

People who live on Dunlap Boulevard near Angels Roadhouse said the bikers have always been respectful in the past.

The first charter opened locally in 1948, named after the Army Air Corps 303rd Bombardment Group of World War II.

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all our Brothers and Charters celebrating their anniversaries this month !!

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