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Headline News from Hells Angels MC Baltimore

Headline: A memorial for a Brother from F.A.M.C.
Saturday - 01/22/2005

Most of our "Supporters" already know this, the "HELLS ANGELS BALTIMORE CHARTER" evolved from the "FATES ASSEMBLY MOTORCYCLE CLUB". Now that your up to speed,some of the Retired members of F.A.M.C. did not make the change with the rest of us. One Brother whose name is Wayne "Chat" Wolthouse wanted to continue on with the rest of us.

However it was not to be. Chat informed all of us that he had been diagnosed with "Cancer". Chat knew what it would take be a HELLS ANGELS (Which he would have been a great Member at that) and knew he couldn't be there. He knew that the treatments, the recovery,the time and money he would have to commit to his battle would not leave him time to be involved in the Club. Being the Brother he was,(and I know it hurt him to tell us) he came to us and told us he wouldn't be able to join us in this last venture with FATES ASSEMBLY. Chat is a very proud individual, there was no way he would let anybody else pull his weight for him. Believe me alot of Brother's offered to do just that. Why, because the Brothers wanted him there with us.

Chat was not giving in, not without giving the disease one hellava fight.Chat started his treatments,operations,lost his hair(which honestly I don't know if he looked better with or without the hair!!!!)The Doctor's told him things were looking good. It seemed things were gonna even out soon, not be gone, but be under control. Unfortunately, we know Cancer is a determined fighter as well. Things just didn't work out the way he wanted. The Disease was wearing down a very proud and good Brother. This was not how he wanted to live.But he fought on not wanting to give in to the Cancer.

On Sunday January 16th,2005 @ approximatley 11:30PM Chat left this world.He fought long and hard. Now it was time for him to rest.This page is for him, we in the "Baltimore Charter" all know he would have been a "HELLS ANGELS" member with us and for that we are sad that he wasn't there with us to get our "Colors".
Although he is gone he will never leave us, he will always be remembered, he will always be a part of this Charters history. I say this on behalf of all of us in the "HELLS ANGELS" Charters of "BALTIMORE" "YORK COUNTY" and the Prospect Charter of "MANASSAS" Virginia.

Our Deepest Condolences go out to Doris, his family and friends.

R.I.P. our Brother.

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all our Brothers and Charters celebrating their anniversaries this month !!

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